Sunday, July 28, 2013

Photo Tips

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to write up some tips for people who is considering buying a DSLR. Here they are:

  1. Buy Canon or Nikon. There are reasons the pros stick to those brands.
  2. This is the web site I stick to for reviews:
  3. If you want to get serious about this, you might want to consider a subscription to for classes on photography and software.
  4. Get a cheap UV filter for every lens. This will protect them. (It's better to replace a $10 filter than a $150+ lens). They also have great bundles for cameras and gear.
  5. One of my favorite places to buy camera gear is (and a lot of professionals use them too)
  6. A tripod is a very early must acquire. This is something you want to spend money on because the cheap ones don't last.
  7. There are times when a pocket/cell phone camera is just more convenient than a DSLR. 
  8. Do your best to have your camera with you at all times. You never know when a great photo opportunity will present itself.
  9. Play with your camera settings and see what happens. Do everything you can on manual, you will start getting better photos than the full auto mode. After all, if you do not want to play with settings, why are you getting a DSLR?
  10. The flash that comes on the camera is not good enough. Based on what I heard and read, I bought a Speedlite YN560-II. Apparently, many photographers actually keep multiples of the flash on hand for when they are needing a cheap camera flash and do not want to be in a hurry.
  11. When you buy lenses, keep in mind that good optics cost money.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why I choose to be armed

Sebastian D'Souza took the following picture on November 26, 2008 in Mumbai, India.

There were armed policemen hiding all around the station but none of them did anything," he said. "At one point, I ran up to them and told them to use their weapons. I said, 'Shoot them, they're sitting ducks!' but they just didn't shoot back."

Mr D'Souza added: "I told some policemen the gunmen had moved towards the rear of the station but they refused to follow them. What is the point if having policemen with guns if they refuse to use them? I only wish I had a gun rather than a camera.

Could Mr. D'Souza have made a difference? Maybe. Who knows what one or more armed citizens willing to stand up up to these murderous thugs could have done. How many people's lives could have been saved with just one dead terrorist?

This is one of the reasons I choose to be armed. If I should find myself in such a terrorist event, I might be able to save the lives of myself and others. I have chosen that I will not willingly be a victim of violence (random or otherwise).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shooting Avtivity September 7, 2008

I went shooting today. I shot:
125 Rounds of 45 ACP from my 1911.
75 Rounds of 9mm from my Star BM.
50 Rounds of 45 Colt from my Ruger Blackhawk.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Starting To Log My Shooting Activity

My CHL instructor recommended we log all of our shooting activity. That way, we can demonstrate that we maintained our competency.

So, yesterday (July 19, 2008) I shot 50 rounds of 45 ACP from my 1911.